Name: Feeorins Mermaid In The Night - "Ariel"
Born: March 21, 2017
Breeder: Ann-Katrin Johansson
Sire: Toyshop Zirkuszirkus - "Zigge"
Dam: Sarantais Over The Narrow Sea - "Maggan"
Color: White, black and tan
Weight: 5,8 kg (at 7 months)
Height: 33 cm (at 5 months)

Ariel lives with our co-owner Madeleine Jönér and her family in Bro. She also has a big poodle brother called Arramis :)

Ariel is genetically free from PLL and prcd-PRA. Healthy patellas and eyes. 


Toyshop Zirkus Zirkus - "Zigge"

Sarantais over the narrow sea