Name: RubyNell's Sugar Frosted Nia
Born: August 1, 2013
Breeder: Jakop och Cherrie Granlund
Dam: AHTfans Happy Goldie @ Kennel Nikes - "Varga"
Sire: Dragon's Heart Centia - "Nexxus"
Color: Blue and White Piebald
Weight: 7
Height: 36 cm

Nia was born as pup #9 in Varga's litter. She really came as a surprise, since we thought Varga was done after having eight puppies! But then came Nia as a bonus. :) The name Nia means the number 9 in swedish.
We fell so in love with this little cutiepie, who was the smallest in the litter but has the biggest personality, so she stays here with us. =)
Nia has her daddy's looks, and her mama's smarts. A perfect combination!
Nia is genetically free from the mutation that causes PLL (Primary Lens Luxuation).
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Dam:  AHTfans Happy Goldie @ Kennel Nikes "Varga"

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Sire:  Dragon's Heart Centia

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